The Legacy of a Single Fire

How the fires we ignite can carry on burning even after we’re gone

Photo by Gabriel Tovar on Unsplash

We all start somewhere.

For some, it’s fulfilling a dream of seeing the starry night, for some it's building an empire, for some it’s finding a place to call home.

We develop dreams when we let our minds wander beyond the day-to-day motions of Life all the way to our souls.

The time when we give our minds space to breathe and let that extra oxygen ignite a spark within us. Slowly, the sparks begin to multiply, and there come a time when there’s enough to convince us to go grab some gasoline and make them into a full-blown fire. That’s when it starts.

There’s nothing more exciting than finally adding some fuel to the sparks of your dream.

Maybe at first, you have just a few drops of it, and you have to focus the rest of your energy on shielding that little flame you have going from the harsh winds you currently have surrounding you.

Little bit by little bit you build up the walls around your fire. Then you add some more to it, maybe a little bit of paper to help it grow.

Through all your hard work and scavenging you find some more fuel to pour on it, so you pour a little, but not all of it. You don’t want it to burn out or burn down the valley.

There comes a time when you need to create a little bit more space so you move the walls further out. You find a lot of firewood and you chuck it all in, and then pour that fuel you kept safe. Now the fires bigger.

You might have people come in with resources willing to help you keep it up and grow, in exchange for keeping themselves warm.

You grow old, and maybe tired from all the years of keeping the fire going, so you decide to find someone else to take care of it and hopefully keep it going.

And maybe at the end of your days, you’re final glance will be at the fire and all the people it helped keep warm. The fire you started.

Maybe there have been times when it got rained on, got smaller, almost went out, or almost got out of control. Yet here it is, all these years later, still burning, keeping people warm, inspiring others to start their own.

You’ve done something remarkable, something many before you and around you have, and so many others that haven’t.

You’ve given yourself and others warmth and light in the coldest of nights. You’ve warmed up the world when someone thought it wasn’t possible. You allowed yourself to see the world better, and in turn, it gave you people who needed the same and were willing to help you.

Doesn’t matter if it was a massive bonfire for hundreds or a small campfire for five. Doesn’t matter if the fire went out at some point or got smaller. Doesn’t matter if it’s different than when you first started. Doesn’t matter if someone else’s was bigger.

What matters is,

You did something remarkable.

You’ve made an impact.

You’ve created a legacy.



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